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ICSA and CBI’s Presents: Shave for the Brave Event

When: February 11, 2018
Where: Prairie Meadows, Altoona Iowa

* General goal is to raise $10,000

* It is an International cause that has hundreds of events a year



* Get more Shavee’s for event

            1. There are only currently 2 people listed as Shavee’s for the event as of now… not much

                        excitement to watch that happen nor do I think the media will pick up on that

            2. There are 12 affiliates… think how much fun it would be to see at least one person from each

                        Affiliate be a shavee!

            3. No one says it has to be a member that gets their head shaved (but that would be great)

                        Husbands, sons, children, clients…etc. You get the picture

* Affiliate Challenges each other

            1. If everyone from your affiliate donates under the same Shavee.. it should be easy to see who

                        then has raised the most money and CBI will recognize this accomplishment

            2. Use the event to promote your affiliate/salon/ self etc. I believe there is ‘merchandising’

                        material that St. Baldrick’s can provide to us

            3. Shavee’s are listed on webpage for this event. Shavee’s can input whatever they would like

                        to say on their page

            4. You can get updates posted on the CBI webpage. They just have to let me know…

* CBI Challenges ICSA

            1. Can we as association member (and our friends/families/clients etc. raise more money

                        than ICSA members.

            2. The current listed shavee’s are ICSA members. We can do better than that!




* We will have @ 2 months to raise funds-December 2017 and January 2018

*Some steps to follow:

            1. Decide which Shavee you will be raising funds for.

            2. Advertise – Advertise – Advertise

                        In salons, in your communities, friends, families, challenge non-member salons in your


            3. Provide the following information to all.. May help to have this info printed to give to them!

                        a. Log into

                        b. Upper right hand corner box – type in: ICSA and CBI Shave for the Brave

                        c. All participating Shavees are listed.

                        d. Click on the one you are choosing to help raise money by SHAVING THEIR HAIR!


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