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CBI Helping Hands Charity Contest

The Helping Hands CBI Charity Contest began in 2013 and continues to be a positive and raises awareness of the needs in our communities. 

  • Each Affiliate will be asked to pick a community, state, national foreign or global charity to sponsor.
  • The charity may range by sponsoring a family, local food bank or any charity you feel compelled to sponsor.
  • As your affiliate does the fund raising for the charity, documentation any events you have with photos, newspaper articles and such.  We are suggesting a small scrapbook be put together with any articles and events held.  
  • This will be turned into the CBI Board for judging and returned to your affiliate.
  • Forms will go out with the awards packets before convention and need to be returned along with any scrapbooks by November 15 each year.  
  • The winning affiliate will receive a "Hands" trophy.

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