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  • August 23, 2011 2:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Vice President Jean Boss

    The highlights of my life have been many, so where to begin. My career has taken me places I never thought possible and it keeps on happening. My husband who silently supports my work, my son, who I'm more than proud of, and all the friends that have been made through the years. Beng involved in local, state and national hair shows, has been my whole life. Hair Worlds, State and National design teams, competing, educating, and each committee I have served, have been a learning experience. I love my profession and all the people that are always there to help and support in every way.Thank you Jean

  • July 15, 2011 4:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Numbers as of 6/28/11

    Cosmetologists                   14,987

    Cosmetology Schools                28

    Electrologists                           36

    Estheticians                            893

    Instructors of Cosmetology      299

    Manicurists                               5

    Nail Technicians                    1332

    Salons                                  4420

    Barber Board

    Barber Instructors                     28

    Barber Practitioners               1251

    Barber Schools                           3

    Barber Shops                          567



  • July 15, 2011 3:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here is some information from Rosemary Bonano the Clerk Specialist for the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.


    A copy of the current rules and regulations are now available online.  Some of the changes were included in Chapter 157, Code of Iowa:

    • •-          Threading is now included and defined in the scope of practice for a cosmetologist and esthetician licensee.  So if you see any of those kiosks in malls providing eyebrow threading, they’ve been notified that a license is required.  They can obtain a copy of the current code and rules by visiting our website at
    • •-          There are a few building requirement changes also regarding the flooring in a new salon 63.22(2).  This is now listed in the rules.
    • •-         
    • •-          Since we are currently going through an audit session, you may wish to remind licensees the importance of obtaining copies of their ceu’s after each class they attend AND that they are taking the courses within their required biennium.  They need to hold onto the ceu certificates in case they are ever audited by the board.
    • •-          A rule change is underway regarding the process in the way licensees will be notified regarding renewals.  The board office will no longer issue a postcard as a reminder through the mail at the time of renewal.  However, I don’t believe this will affect next year’s renewals for licensees or the salon renewals of 2012.  They will be doing email notifications from the board office’s new computer system when it goes into effect.  This could be another year or so.  So they will probably receive a postcard for next year’s renewal.

  • July 15, 2011 3:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This is a new endeavor for CBI so I hope you will like it - we will be adding new things periodically so keep checking to see what is new - also if anyone has something you would like to see put on here that is of interest to our profession please contact me at  Thanks and happy reading. :)


    As a new addition to our web page we are adding along with news and accomplishments of our members, news concerning our professions, and any other interesting information, a profile about some of our members.  As President, I got elected to be first, so here goes.


    Bonnie Hokinson Renda, was born and grew up on a farm near Clarion, IA.  I attended a one room school through the sixth grade.  What an awesome, carefree, and blessed childhood I had.  I wish everyone could make that statement; our world would certainly be a happier place. 

    After graduation, I moved to the big city of Des Moines to attend Americana Academy of Beauty with two of my best friends.  We lived in a house with 6 other students of

    Americanathat was owned by Tonini’s Funeral Home.  Mr. Tonini chauffeured us to and from school each day in the limos.  It was an exciting time and educational in more ways than one. I won’t get into that.

    My first job was with an incredible man and wife in their home salon, Press Spillers Salon, which is now where Richard Sheriff lives and has his salon.  Small world!

    After getting married, having a baby, Angela, moving around the country, I came back to Des Moines. I worked at JCPenney’s in downtown for 6 years and then helped open the new JCP salon at Valley West Mall as manager in 1977.  Worked there for a challenging 10 ½ years before deciding it was time to move on.

    After working for a friend in her salon, The Upper Cut, Ann and I opened “ABoutique on 5th” in Valley Junction, West Des Moines. We continued the salon and boutique until the flood of 1993 which put a halt to the boutique,  We were burnt out by then doing both businesses,  I loved the boutique and all it’s perks, jewelry, purses, clothes, and etc but my heart was still in my cosmetology profession.

    I’ve been an independent contractor for 15 years and am now semi-retired.  I love my salon, Studio 409 in West Des Moines and all the awesome stylists I work with. I can’t imagine not “doing hair” and not seeing all my clients (more like family).  I listen to my friends complain about their jobs and once in a while I’ll say out loud “I love my job!”  Otherwise, I just smile and know I’m a pretty lucky person.

    I first joined NCA while working for JCP, which they encouraged.  I enjoyed the meetings and was an officer in #6 for several years.  After leaving JCP, I lost membership for awhile but rejoined some years later.  I soon had held all the offices in our affiliate at one time or another and then became State President in 2009.  This office has been the most incredible thing I have ever done.  It has required me to do things I never thought I could possibly do.  The friendships I have made across the state are priceless and hope to have forever.  It is a lot of work but the rewards are many and I hope we can keep our association growing and become even better.  Thank you all for giving me the encouragement to continue and be a better person.  I love you all.  God Bless!

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