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  ICE Chairman 

  Melanie Brons

  3010 Mansfield Drive

  Des Moines, Iowa 50317

  Email Melanie Brons




  ICE Vice Chairman
Michi Rees

  ICE Secretary

  Marilee Mai       

  2359 Iowa Highway 24 

  New Hampton, Iowa

   ICE Treasurer

   LuAnn Robbins
   Hair Designs

   1216 East 37th Street

   Davenport, Iowa 52806

   W. 563.386.8964
   H. 563.391.7934

                                            ICE Educational Director
                                            Mandi Risse 

                                            221 Marie Avenue 

                                            Elk Run Heights, Iowa 50707


     ICE Immediate Past Chairman Bobbie Behrens
     115 E, Main Street
     Long Grove, Iowa 52756

     Work: 563-285-8085

     Home: 563-285-8528

Are you currently a member of the Cosmetology and Barbers of Iowa (CBI) and interested in becoming a part of distinguished group recognized for educating other professionals? 

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Are you an educator or do you want to become an educator? 

Please consider joining the Iowa Cosmetology Educators (ICE), a dynamic team of educators who really like to make learning a fun experience! 


Contact Melanie Brons for ICE Membership details:

Melanie Brons

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