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A reminder to all CBI affiliates, that you must include Chapter 22 (Barber Sanitation) in your format on law before you can issue the 1 hour of continuing education to barbers.

Link to Chapter 22:

Section 24 of the barbers administrative rules on continuing education requires:

Link to Chapter 24:


24.3(2) Specific criteria.

a. Continuing education may be obtained by attending programs that meet the criteria in 24.3(1)

approved or offered by the following:

(1) National, state or local barber associations.

(2) Barber schools and institutes.

(3) Universities, colleges or community colleges.

b. Continuing education credit offered for cosmetology continuing education credit will be

accepted for barber continuing education credit.

c. Beginning August 1, 2010, one hour of continuing education per biennium must be specific to Iowa barbering laws and administrative rules and sanitation.


The Iowa Board of Barbering affirmed  they will not accept on-line continuing education credits through C.O.E. Continuing Education or any other on-line provider.  To the board's knowledge, on-line continuing education has never been accepted for credit.  Board members believe that face-to-face instruction in a class room setting is an invaluable part of the licensee's education and continuing education process.

The board will be reviewing their administrative rules regarding continuing education.  However, until the board adopts new requirements for continuing education, on-line credits will not be accepted.

This information was received from Susan Reynolds, Board Executive, Iowa Board of Barbering, Bureau of Professional Licensure.  

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